It’s always heartening to receive happy feedback…

Thanks so much for your email newsletter! It’s clear, concise and eminently readable. Well done ladies. Keep up the good work!

Bobby Jones, HCRfm
February 2018


‎I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Town Rangers for coming so quickly to my Mum’s aid when she had her purse stolen today in town. We really appreciate your help and hope that the scumbags that robbed her have been caught on cctv. I cannot thank you enough for being so speedy and helping to calm her down.

Charlotte-Louise Fowler
December 2017


Thanks Jeannette (BID Huntingdon team) for your help on the phone and sending me all the information on Huntingdon last week. I have just spent a lovely day there. What marvellous pictures in the Town Hall. They were so friendly and gave me a tour as did the people in the Falcon Inn. Many thanks again.

Sally B
September 2017


“I am often in the High Street and am amazed how often people ask the Town Rangers for advice and to deal with incidents. Their sense of community and goodwill runs deep and all the Rangers seem sensitive to people and situations. It has taken me a long time to understand their role and the benefit to the town but I finally get it. Thank you.”

Angela Makey
January 2017

A fabulous bouquet for our BID Huntingdon Town Rangers.
“We must say that your Rangers are always a pleasure to meet and they do a fantastic job of promoting our lovely town, always with a friendly smile. Magpas are proud to be part of the local community.”
Magpas Air Ambulance
25 November 2016

“I wanted to send recognition of two town rangers that were in Huntingdon today (6 August) around 2pm. Unfortunately I didn’t get their names but it was two gentlemen who helped me after I had unknowingly sprained my ankle and gone into town, only to suffer from low blood sugar.

My partner called them over to help and they were lovely! Both very kind hearted and helpful. I would like to pass on my thanks as when I needed help they were there! Amazing service from the town Rangers, thank you again and keep it up!”

Lucy Crofts
(Girl with the sprained ankle)
6 August 2016


A glowing testimonial for Nathan, one of our BID Huntingdon Town Rangers …

“On Saturday 7th May in Huntingdon High Street I found myself in a situation. I was looking after mine and my neighbour’s children and was buying picnic food to take to the park. I think due to the heat, amount of people and hyperactive children, I started to have a panic attack outside Iceland.

One of your town rangers, I did not get his name, came to my rescue. He very calmly sat me down, gave me some water and gave the children some money to go into the shop for ice cream. He calmed me down which stopped the shakes I was having and when I was ready he walked with us all to the mushroom park where he sat with me for a few minutes and gave me some very helpful advice.

I tried to offer him something in return but he would not accept. So I wanted to bring to your attention his good deed and that it could have been disastrous if he were not there, not just for me but also the children.

Please thank him again for me, he is a credit to your company and the town.”

May 2016


024 (Small)“Just wanted to say a big well done for the street entertainers you booked for the town recently as they were amazing and everyone has said how brilliant it was having things like this on in Huntingdon. Well done.”

Marilyn Bailey
July 2015





“It appears that Nathan one of the Town Rangers came the aid of a shopper in distress the other day. Well done Nathan and to Wendy and Michael too for all their sterling work.”

Celia Barden
July 2015

0615 testimonialo M E Smith re Nathan crop

“Totally restored my faith in human nature…”

Mrs Smith took the time to write a letter praising the service she received from one of our Town Rangers, Nathan.
May 2015