Huntingdon’s Fifth Chilli Fest- prepare for the heat

Posted: Wed, April 24th, 2019

Saturday 18th May
10am – 5pm
Huntingdon Market Square

Huntingdon is set to get a little hot under the collar with its fifth popular Chilli Fest. The ‘Awesome Chilli Fest 2019’ is brought to you by Huntingdon First.

Organisers, Chilli Fest UK, are back for the Awesome Huntingdon Chilli Fest 2019. The event will host chilli producers exhibiting chilli products from mild to extreme hot sauces, dips, jams, cooking sauces and more including Naga Masala, Chilli Dips, Aunty Jee Pickles, Fardinkum Sauces, Fallen Angel, Sun Wah Chilli Oils, Mabs Sauces and Sonny Chilli Artist…and more besides.

Sue Wing, BID Huntingdon Manager, explains, “The last four years’ events have proved popular that we’re happy to host such a fun day again. People seem to like to test their heat taste buds but there are also some milder versions for more sensitive palates.”

Alexander from Chilli Fest UK, says, “There is something for everyone; from the curious to the enthusiast. There is plenty to eat, drink, taste and buy so bring your friends and family for a spicy day out. Admission is FREE.”

Information about Chilli Fest UK is at

Facebook/HuntingdonFirst and Twitter@HuntingdonFirst

Do you know your chillies?

  • Be careful when trying new chillies as the burning sensation of some, like the Chiltepin, is explosive and subsides quickly whereas the heat of others, like the Habanero, builds slowly.
  • Drinking milk or putting a spoonful of yoghurt in your mouth is the best way to relieve the burning sensation of chillies.
  • Chillies can help fight off winter colds and eating them releases endorphins that help lift the spirits. They contain more Vitamin C than oranges, more Vitamin A than carrots and such high levels of Vitamin D that some athletes eat them prior to exercising to reduce the risk of injury.