Huntingdon’s 5TH “Street Chilli Fest”

Posted: Fri, January 31st, 2020

Saturday, 30 May  from 10.00-17.30
Market Square, Market Hill, Huntingdon, PE29 3PJ

Chilli Fest UK returns for another year to host the 5TH “Street Chilli Fest, Huntingdon 2020”, from 10am to 5pm “Market Square Huntingdon”. Hosted in this beautiful street venue will be a variety of some of the best chilli producers from around the UK exhibiting some of the best chilli products like mild to crazy extreme chilli sauces, naga cooking sauces, chilli plants, chilli merchandise and much, much more.

Along with exhibits there will also be street food and surrounding the entire venue is a number of resturants, cafes & bars for visitors to put there feet up. Apart from that live entertainment too.

This event is all about chilli and nothing else. There is something for everyone from the hardcore enthusiast chilli connoisseur to the curious, so if you want go from one part of the universe to another on chilli power that is exactly what will happen.