Huntingdon Summer Market attracts record visitor numbers

Posted: Fri, June 30th, 2017

The Huntingdon Summer Market, held from 16 – 18 June, attracted a record number of people to the town and featured a colourful collection of stalls alongside tasty local, regional and world food and drink.

In that week, Huntingdon saw an increase in footfall of 16,004 compared to the previous week. The footfall rose from 102,596 to 118,600 in the week of the Summer Market. Compared to the same week of the previous year, the numbers are even more impressive rising from 94,692 to 118,600.

Sue Bradshaw, Huntingdon First Manager, explains, “We are very pleased to see that our town centre is attracting more and more people. With the continuing developments and new businesses coming to the town, we’re confident more people will choose to visit and shop in Huntingdon. Events such as the Summer Market, which are delivered by Huntingdon First, most certainly attract more people to enjoy the many facilities that the town has to offer.”

Free parking on Sundays and after 6pm each evening also help to attract people into the town. 

More events are planned for the summer including entertainment on Saturday 29 July from Covent Garden street entertainer, Felicity Footloose, who closed the recent Glastonbury Festival to great applause.

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