Huntingdon First Plans 2022 – 2027

Posted: Fri, August 19th, 2022

We understand that the last two years have been incredibly tough on businesses however we’re so happy that we are all now back open and welcoming customers back into our town once more.

This business plan lays out our plans for the next five years of Huntingdon First. We’ve taken time to review what works for us as a business improvement district within Huntingdon and now with myself and Mags on-board we can bring a fresh approach to the town. There’s been some amazing achievements over the last five years not least in the last couple of months with our Dino Day event that saw record numbers of people in our town, the opening of our very first Mural Museums on Literary Walk and Newton’s Court, the Spring food-fayre as well as the limitless time that was spent supporting business throughout the pandemic.

The next five years will focus Huntingdon First on its core messaging, People, Places and Purpose. With our key visions – Creating and Maintaining Quality Spaces, Creating and Promoting a Vibrant Place, Connecting and Representing Businesses and Improving Sustainability and the Environment. We will strive to ensure Huntingdon is the great place we all know it can be, somewhere where we are all proud to Live, Work and Play.

Engagement work with our key partners at Huntingdonshire District Council and Huntingdon Town Council is paramount to the success in the town and we at Huntingdon First are proud to be playing a part in the ‘Developing Place Strategy’ with HDC that will shape our town’s future for us all.

You can read our full plan HERE