Happy Holidays. ‘Tips and Tricks’ to help it all run smoothly

Posted: Tue, April 23rd, 2019

With the early signs of spring on the horizon many of us will be dreaming of sometime away enjoying a well-earned holiday.

Whilst a holiday is something to look forward to the same can’t always be said for the chore of packing! Whether for yourself or for the entire family a bit of planning can make the whole process easier and ensure a stress free start.

We may think it’s easier if we are travelling by car as we don’t have to be limited by air travel restrictions but space can still be at a premium especially when travelling with children or pets. We have all seen the cars on the motorway bursting at the seams, bags balanced on peoples laps and toys staring forlornly out at you from the back window so a few packing tips might just make that journey a little more comfortable.

If you are limited by weight as in the case of air travel then always make a list of everything you will need from the ‘must haves’ such as travel documents, medication and phone chargers right through to the ‘nice to have’ like that extra pair of shoes.

Travelling in a group? Split your packing across all bags then if a bag goes missing everyone still has something to wear. Also the best advice from those in the know is ‘roll don’t fold’; it saves space and helps avoid creases too. And whatever you think you will need leave behind at least a third!

But if you still want a choice of outfits try these nifty online tutorial ideas with a scarf or sarong – they take up hardly any space at all!

Keep all travel documents and essential medication and valuables with you particularly when you have to check in your main luggage. If you have room, carry some spare underwear and toothbrush and toothpaste (less than 100ml) in case you are delayed. If you are travelling with young children be sure to have a few extra nappies and feeds with you for the same reason.

Babies and young children don’t travel light. Toys, buggies, sterilisers, bottle warmers, high chairs and that’s just the start. If you want to have some room left in your luggage for more than just a toothbrush for yourself hire all this and more and have it ready and waiting for you at your destination. There are many companies online that will be only too happy to help; they may even be able to deliver nappies too.

Many of us love the sun kissed look but the lobster look is not quite so appealing. We all know by now the harm from burnt skin and the sun’s rays so be sure to protect yourself and especially children. Here are a few helpful tips:

UVA and UVB (Ultra Violet) rays are the ones that do the damage so ensure your cream protects against both, check the star rating; one star being the lowest and five the highest protection.          The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating is an indicator on how long your skin will be protected from the UVB rays, which cause the skin to burn. The higher the number the stronger the protection. And don’t forget your eyes as these should also be protected from those UV rays too. The simple rule of thumb for all sunglasses sold in the UK and EU is to check for a CE mark – typically on one of the arms. This indicates that it will block out 95% of all UV rays below 380 nanometres (the scale on which light is measured). Some glasses also come with a UV 400 sticker. This means that all UV rays beneath 400 will be blocked.

For children use a sunscreen with an SPF as high as possible, 50+, and try to keep them out of the sun during the hottest part of the day and, although it can be difficult to keep them on them, try and ensure they wear sunglasses and a hat.

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Happy holidays!