BID Huntingdon Town Rangers

What is the role of a Town Ranger?

As you know, BID (Business Improvement District) is a self-operated, independent company, funded almost entirely through the towns businesses to Enhance, Promote & Support the town’s economy and town centre. The Rangers report directly into BID and are not operated by the local councils. No week is the same for the Rangers, their core responsibility is to regularly engage with businesses in the BID area and promote BID projects and events.

Additionally the Rangers provide an ambassadorial presence in the town by assisting visitors with directions and tourist information.

The Rangers also act as the eyes and ears for other agencies such as the Police and Councils, throughout the day the Rangers will patrol the streets of the town centre and report ASB (anti-social behaviour), cleaning and maintenance issues. They are not law enforcers however they are a part of the HBAC (Huntingdon Businesses against Crime) organisation. HBAC is a brilliant network that operates in Huntingdon, St Ives & St Neots, adopting a proactive approach to preventing and reducing crime and ASB.

The Rangers are equipped with radios, which connect them to the Town Centre CCTV operations allowing them to report ASB concerns and share intelligence regarding retail crime to shops. They are first aid trained and have access to first aid equipment which allows then to provide immediate emergency first aid to members of the public before an ambulance arrives.


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