Ferrars Hall residents enjoy yummy healthy Mocktails

Posted: Thu, March 22nd, 2018

MOCKTAILS on the menu at FERRARS HALL for nutrition and hydration week

Residents at Ferrars Hall Care Home enjoyed a cocktail party during Nutrition and Hydration week. In addition to this, the catering team at the care home included three different fruits (breakfast, lunch and tea), a daily fresh vegetable, a fresh soup and a daily homemade smoothie on the menu for the week.

Drinks were available at a ‘Mocktail Bar’ throughout the day, which included a choice of different holiday cocktails as well as the option to try different types of fruit teas. There were also platters of fruit available for residents to snack on.

Activities Coordinator Annie Paynter explained “One of the best sources of water is from fruit, so we have packed lots into our fabulous mocktails. We always offer plenty of drinks and fresh fruit to our residents but wanted to do something a bit different for Nutrition and Hydration week.” She continued “They’ve loved trying all the different mocktails, smoothies and fruit juices that we’ve offered this week and we are going to continue to keep them on our menu”.

Older people with dementia or who have been unwell can lose their appetite or become unable to eat. Therefore, it is especially important for older people to be supported in as many ways as possible to maximise their nutritional and fluid intake. Care Homes in the Country Court Care Group across the UK took part in Nutrition and Hydration Week 2018.