Country Court Care full of praise for ‘hero’ staff after local fire

Posted: Tue, June 26th, 2018

Care assistants who go the extra mile to provide outstanding care and support to residents in the nations’ care homes are everywhere; the industry is filled with wonderful, loving people trying to enrich lives. The dedication and selflessness displayed by carers daily is something which is often overlooked but should be admired and recognised.

On the evening of 23rd June, the team at Ferrars Hall Care Home showed immense dedication to help those in need when a fire broke out at Elm Lodge, an assisted living facility opposite the Care Home. Two staff, Rachel Page and Victoria Dale-Tomkinson, recognised that, due to the fire, there may be vulnerable adults in need of shelter. Without hesitation, the night staff team stepped up and took in four emergency admissions. Further to this, as soon as the day shift team arrived they too offered further assistance. The whole team went above and beyond to help during this crisis.

Deputy Manager of Ferrars Hall, Emma Houghton, also attended the scene at 1am to oversee the admissions and make sure everyone had what they needed and make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Alykhan Kachra, Managing Director of Country Court Care said, “To act with such initiative is a wonderful trait that we love to see in our employees. I am so happy that the residents subjected to the fire were given shelter at Ferrars Hall and able to spend the rest of the night in comfort. We welcome them with open arms and hope their time at Ferrars Hall is a pleasant experience. We are so sorry that they have come to us in such sad circumstances but delighted that we were able to make a difference.”