Business Support

As a business in the Town Centre, you are a crucial part of the ‘Town Team’. BID Huntingdon provides an ideal way to take advantage of the benefits of networking and encourages local businesses to use local services.

You have told us that access to training would be a great advantage, alongside marketing and design services and professional advice in this ever changing world of the web and social media. All of these are in hand and will be delivered at the earliest opportunity.

Business Networking

Business networking will be facilitated for the all sectors to highlight local expertise and encourage intra-trading in the BID Huntingdon area. Operating as a ‘Town Team’, many of the businesses, organisations and local authorities you liaise with are within the BID area giving a broad range of services through which to network and grow.

Advice & Training
Marketing and design advice are readily to hand in order to compete successfully in the world of website and technology. This will include social media such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing independent businesses to step up a gear and actively engage with their customers.

Training on core subjects, such as First Aid, is more cost effective and fun when you stay local.  Add to that the use of a local trainer and we really are supporting Huntingdon. FREE First Aid training has been provided every year so far.

If you have any queries with regard to websites or handling of social media such as Facebook etc, email us at [email protected] and we can advise on the best route.

Project Performance Indicators:
Businesses listed on the website Business Directory
Business ‘offers’ on the website
Number of networking events
Number of training courses
Number of news update emails to BID businesses