BID Renewal 2017

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The Next Five Years, 2017 – 2022

1 – 29 June 2017
Your chance to make a difference to Huntingdon Town Centre.
Look out for your postal vote – with you in early June!

This year BID Huntingdon will be reaching the end of its first five year term. In order to continue the significant progress made to date, now is the time for you to review our work and to decide how to build upon current successes by helping us to formulate a business plan for the next five years and by voting YES to renew BID Huntingdon and the support it offers to businesses.

All the current initiatives, as well as the additional proposals in the up-coming Business Plan, would disappear overnight if businesses don’t endorse a positive vote through the ballot in June. For the ongoing improvement and prosperity for the town, we are asking all businesses in the BID area to back the continuation of the BID in June by voting YES.

Remember, if you choose for the BID not to continue, or if you don’t take part in the review and vote, then all the work and achievements gained so far will cease immediately. We need your active support.

A bit about us:
BID Huntingdon (Business Improvement District), branded ‘Huntingdon First’, aims to re-invigorate the town centre by improving the trading environment and supporting local businesses in order to become more successful. Huntingdon First has been well received by both business and the public over the BID’s first term and has played a significant part in raising awareness and regaining Huntingdon’s sense of prominence and place.

Huntingdon First has successfully provided a number of services, which were all agreed by local businesses and incorporated into our BID business plan. The business plan was created by you in 2012 as a result of an extensive consultation process and adopted in July 2012 after a Yes vote.

Working alongside a range of other partners, BID Huntingdon’s Board of Directors, drawn from local business representatives working on a voluntary basis, have worked hard over the last four years to deliver the business plan projects you wanted, adding value to existing services and seeking opportunities for funding, research and regeneration.

The trading environment is still competitive and can be tough; we know too that shopping habits and destination choices change and that Huntingdon’s Town Centre will have to continue to evolve to survive. There are exciting times ahead with the development of Chequers Shopping Centre and new businesses coming to town. Now is the time to capitalise on that and make it work for you.

Only you, the local businesses, can enable us to continue to compete with other destinations, to increase the promotion of Huntingdon to relevant markets via a range of tools and an established online presence. Being both progressive and aspirational for our businesses and town is at the forefront of our goals. Vote YES for BID Huntingdon/Huntingdon First.