Membership of the BID Huntingdon Company

All BID levy payers have the right to become a ‘Member of the BID Company’ at no cost, which will entitle you to have the opportunity to vote on all Company issues at Annual and General Meetings.

Members of the BID company are also eligible to stand as directors.

All BID levy payers, regardless of whether they sign up to be a Member of the BID company or not, receive regular, up to date information on BID Huntingdon activities and town centre issues and are encouraged to take part in the many BID activities and meetings.

Please click on the link below to become a ‘Member of the BID Huntingdon Company’.

Send completed forms to the Huntingdon First, 23a Chequers Court, Huntingdon, PE29 3LZ or email the completed document to [email protected]

Please click this link or the image below for a Membership Form

Membership Form Template - BID Company