BID Huntingdon



In 2012, Huntingdon businesses were invited to vote for a BID for Huntingdon. Of those who voted, 81% said yes.

A re-BID was voted for in 2017 for the next five-year period and a resounding 86% voted YES. The BID Huntingdon team remains to continue with key projects and to introduce new events and incentives.

Clean, Safe & Welcoming
BID Huntingdon works hard to ensure that the town is a clean and pleasant environment for all of our customers and businesses.  For more details on our work, click here.
Marketing, Promotions & Events
One of BID Huntingdon’s main aims is to increase footfall in the Town Centre. To find out more about the initiatives put in place to do this, click here.
Business Support
With a wealth of support for both independent and national businesses, BID Huntingdon has a number of projects designed to help businesses do better. Click here for more.
Access, including parking
Work continues over the five-year period of the BID, through which the town, its businesses and visitors will benefit greatly. Click here for more information.


BID Huntingdon is funded and controlled directly by the businesses in Huntingdon that pay for them. If you are a BID Huntingdon business, you can have a say in which projects the BID supports.

The BID in Huntingdon raises over £160,000 per year through the BID levy to spend on the things that businesses in Huntingdon feel are important to themselves and the town.  Attracting additional income amounts to approximately £10,000 per year.

Since September 2004, when the legislation was introduced, there have been over 190 successful BIDs in the UK. (Source